Greenville’s 5-Star Stretch therapy: Love Local Therapy

As one of Greenville’s best-rated stretch therapy providers, Love Local Therapy is skilled at treating muscle tightness, joint imbalances, and tissue restrictions that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury. Regardless of your livelihood or preferred fitness activity, you likely engage in repetitive movements that lead to imbalances in muscle length and joint range of motion over time. Love Local Therapy’s proven track record allows us to provide stretch therapy that improves range of motion, leading to improved movement patterns and fewer injuries. Did you know that the effects of muscle imbalance compound over time and affect people of all fitness levels? The good news is that Love Local Therapy’s stretch therapy is effective for many groups of people, including older individuals, younger individuals, and athletes. We do the work for you by assisting you step by step through a number of stretch sequences that are tailored to your body’s needs. Stretch therapy benefits include:

Relieve Stiffness & Soreness

Enhance Athletic Performance

Improve Circulation

Increase & Maintain Range Of Motion

Feel Lighter & Younger

30 minutes


60 minutes


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