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Too often, we think of facial waxing as though it’s synonmous with an extravagant vacation when the truth is facials and facial waxing should be done regularly. At Love Local Therapy, we recommend seeing your esthetician every four to six weeks unless otherwise advised (ingredients in birth control, cardiac medications, antihistamines, and acne treatments can make your skin extra-sensitive). While it may be most convenient to book all your spa appointments all in one go (who doesn’t love a day full of self care?), please be advised, you shouldn’t get a wax and a facial on the same day. Love Local Therapy’s facials include a deep exfoliating component that irritates freshly waxed skin (since waxing exposes a new layer of skin cells). It’s best to spread out your self-care sessions into two days—wax on one day, then get your facial on the other. With all the different kinds of hair removal on the menu—there’s everything from shaving and threading to dermaplaning and plucking— you might find yourself confused about how to navigate what’s right for you. Love Local Therapy simplifies and breaks each service down with a cost/benefit analysis. Facial waxing is relatively quick and contrary to popular opinion, most of our Greenville clients find that long-term waxing results in less regrowth. It gets even the fine hairs, and facial waxing can last weeks at a time if it’s performed the right way. Contact Greenville’s Love Local Therapy to learn more about the benefits.



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